Ganoderma Side Effects

Ganoderma Side Effects

Ganoderma is a mushroom known in Chinese medicine as the cure for a variety of ailments. It is most often used in the treatment of asthma and liver diseases because the Chinese believe that it contains powerful antioxidant properties. It is also used as an alternative treatment for cancer. However, Ganoderma also has a number of adverse  side effects, although most of them temporary.

Common Ganoderma Side Effects

The most common Ganoderma side effects include stomach upset, bleeding, and itching. Stomach pains are common a few minutes after taking the extract. Some users may also experience diarrhea and constipation. Chronic watery diarrhea should be monitored to avoid dehydration and taking of the extract may need to be suspended until the diarrhea disappears. It is not clear why the extract causes constipation. However, this usually disappears after a few days or weeks of taking the extract.

Bleeding is also another potential Ganoderma side effects and could be due to the presence of compounds that prevent blood clotting. These substances have blood thinning properties that could prevent a person’s blood from clotting properly, making ganoderma dangerous for people suffering from hemorrhagic disorders or those who are taking blood-thinning medications. Individuals who are taking these medications are advised to consult their doctors first before adding Ganoderma extract to their list of medications. Gastric bleeding may increase in people who have ulcers, which is why they may be advised to refrain from taking the extract until the ulcer heals.

Ganoderma Side Effects

Ganoderma Side Effects

Dizziness is another side effect and is often a sign of lowered blood pressure. Ganoderma has been found to lower blood pressure among users in a study conducted at the Oral Roberts University. Lowered blood pressure in turn causes light-headedness and dizziness, and in some users, nausea. There are users who also experienced slightly elevated blood pressure after taking the extract and this could lead to dizziness and fainting spells as well. Ganoderma Side Effects

More Ganoderma Side Effects

Ganoderma has also been shown to cause problems in breathing. Nasal discomforts are common, although these are minor compared to difficulty breathing and chest pains. These symptoms are indicative of allergic reactions to the extract, which require immediate medical attention. It is important to determine if you may be allergic to the extract before taking it for the first time to avoid severe allergic reactions later.

Itching is another common albeit temporary side effect. Rashes usually appear all over the body. Itching may be accompanied by body aches and pains. Some users also experienced an increase in acne breakouts on the face.

Severe Ganoderma side effects include liver problems and breathing problems which should be given immediate medical attention. Some users may develop allergic reactions to the extract and should be given medical attention as well.

Ganoderma is an extremely potent extract that has long been used in Chinese medicine for a number of diseases, from simple aches and pains to cancer and serious liver diseases. Just like any other form of treatment, it also comes with a number of side effects. Fortunately, most of these Ganoderma side effects are temporary and with the right medical supervision, users can keep these adverse reactions to a minimum.

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  • Cher Howe:

    Exactly how would one go about testing for side effects of reishi before taking it?

    • extracts21:

      Hi, You couldn’t actually test it before taking it. You would have to ingest first to see at a minimal if there was any type of reaction. If no reaction or side effect appears you could gradually increase your dose.

    • Carmen:

      I have been drinking gano café and gano mocha for many years but I haven’t had any side effects. this is better than ordinary coffee.

      • I take genoderma got One year and I became very sick Upset stomah daeria,constipation dry mouth confusion bleat vision and more
        I was laky to remember the side affects and I search againe and stop the axeremental madicasion to find the cost om my misery
        To day I stop taken and I hope all the bad Simpsons will desapire ,for the first time this morning I do not doing my genoderma COFFE and the simptons did not so up

    • visitornothanks:

      I went to a presentation where I drank “3-in-1” and “Chocolate” and now I’ve been sick for NINE HOURS straight. I can’t get this out of my system! I feel like THROWING UP, my stomach feels DISGUSTED, and I am extremely NERVOUS inside.

      This happened as soon as I drank the Chocolate, worsened when I took the 3-in-1. I had mentioned to the Presenter I had a stomach pain in response to Caffeine, but she had reassured me drinking the Coffee/Chocolate wouldn’t affect me since the “percentage” of Caffeine was way low, almost nothing.

      These people don’t seem to be educated or even know what they’re talking about at all.

  • Kris:

    I started taking ganoderma supplements last year. And after two months I started having digestion problems which was finally traced to a grade 1 fatty liver. I stopped the supplement immediately and started with treatment for the liver condition. I managed to reverse the fatty liver and hepatomegaly in about 6 months but I dint think the condition was related to ganoderma in anyway.

    I resumed taking ganoderma early this year and the stomach problems started presenting itself after two months. My liver function was slightly out of whack when I got tested. Most articles on the internet say that ganoderma is liver protective, but after much research I found out that two people had died from overdosage of ganoderma in hongkong, which is the only documented liver side effect that I could find.

    I am lead to believe that this is probably a rare side effect of ganoderma. I know of others including my own family who have been taking it for quite some time without any adverse effects.

    Anyone who wishes to take this product please be advised of this possibly rare side effect. I hope it helps someone tryin to relate a liver problem with ganoderma.

    • extracts21:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is important that people that have used it and found it to be detrimental for them are able to get this point across as a lot of people are looking for unbiased information. As you have mentioned you know others that have taken it and it has been beneficial to them but in your case this isn’t so. Again, thank you for providing an insight that may help someone who is considering using Ganoderma.

    • Tamara:

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I found it very useful while researching ganoderma extract. I had a similar experience with Lemon Balm. A few years ago I had an extremely painful bout of shingles and occasional have felt like I was trying to get it again even though the symptoms have been much milder, and last for only a few minutes. After reading that Lemon Balm helps prevent shingles I purchased some capsules to take as a preventative measure and started taking it while not having any symptoms and then within hours felt mild shingle symptoms. I thought it was odd, but did not take any more. About a week later while again feeling fine, took the Lemon Balm again, and within hours felt mild shingle symptoms again. Needless to say I stopped altogether. The body is so intricate and what works for some may not work for others. The product I was taking was 490 mg per serving and it could just be much more than what my body needs for prevention, because I have used blended herbal teas with Lemon Balm and never had the negative experience as with the capsules. I have read that very high excess dosages of vitamins (B-12, vitamin e, and many others) can actually give you the same symptoms as if you were deficient in it. It only makes sense to me that herbs can act the same way and we have to understand that not all herbal milligrams as well as all herbs themselves will be benefical to everyone. Even though I believe in taking nutrients and use herbs for health and disease prevention we have to listen to our bodies no matter what the marketing ads may state.

      • extracts21:

        Great comment. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I haven’t heard of Lemon Balm before but it is something that I will be investigating shorty thanks to your post. You are correct about listening to your body, only you, really know how you feel.

    • John Jarvis:

      Hi Kris.

      I turned very sick on the night of my 50th birthday. At
      the time H1N1 was going around and I figured it was that.

      A few months after that I picked up pneumonia that laid
      me out for many months and when that was finally taken care
      of I had blood tests done and found I had advanced liver

      After months and months of research and trying everything
      under the sun including full body cleanses and nothing
      working I ran into a healthy coffee company that used
      ganoderma as one of the 4 supplements in their product.

      6 to 8 weeks later and another blood test and the results
      came back as liver in normal condition. (Perfectly healthy).

      I could hardly believe this, especially since the supplement
      came from the type of company that it did.

      As you say, people should be aware of the side effects and be
      very careful but without trying alternative treatments like
      this we may be headed for chemotherapy!

      John Jarvis

  • Ric:

    I have Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia. it is a blood cancer. Something about B-lymphacite and to much protein. would this help me?

    • extracts21:

      As we are not trained medical practitioners we cannot give out any medical advice.If you search Google for B-lymphacite and Ganoderma there are a few studies around them that may be able to help you out. We wish you the best.

    • Jmutumby:

      Hi Ric, how are you fairing?

  • okeke Felicity:

    I have vaginal growth and a doctor describe ganoderma and ginshen from Green World product but the growth is still there. What will I do again?

    • extracts21:

      Hi, As we are not medical professionals we cannot give you medical advice but I would suggest that you go see your Doctor again to have it reassessed.

  • Tamas Nemeth:

    Research had proved that, the main active ingredients found in Ganoderma Lucidum are Ganoderic acid, polysaccharides (Beta – D – glucan polysaccharides) together with other active compounds such as sterol (ergosterol), fungal lysozyme, alkaloids, proteins, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and lipids.

  • Ravichandra sahu:

    I am intrasted your DXN I want know dxn diteals

    • extracts21:

      We are not in any way affiliated with DXN sorry.

    • Francis Matias:

      I really agree that taking ganoderma have few temporary side effect while in process of toxic removal. That’s why when taking it, there should be a balancer product in take it too.

  • JIDE:


    • extracts21:

      Hi June, Sorry but we cannot give out any medical advice as we are not trained medical practitioners so I would suggest asking your GP for some advice. Thanks.

    • Dr Ruva:

      Hi Jide. Since the property of Ganoderma that makes it inadvisable to take in the presence of gastric ulcer is blood thinning, milk wouldn’t help with that. Blood thinning is due to reduction in clotting ability, meaning that the ulcer would bleed more easily for ANY reason. Milk may be recommended to reduce irritation to the ulcer when taking something like ibuprofen, but even that may be questionable.

  • giovanna:

    Hi, I am wondering if the use of ganoderma extract in hot chocolate, coffe. Can have side effect. I am drinking Mocha, and hot chocolate (brand Organo gold) and I would like to offer this products to my friends too but I have read about the ganoderma side effect and I am not quite sure if I should do so. have anyone used those products before?

    • extracts21:

      Regardless of the way you ingest Ganoderma extract it can have side effects as listed above. If you are using it and are finding it beneficial then why not recommend it to your friends if you think it would be beneficial to them? Remember that even Aspirin can have side effects so take so time to and ask yourself it you think that it is helping you and then look for some Ganoderma reviews online for the positive and negative so you can make an informed decision.

      • I have also been drinking the organo gold brand coffees including the green tea for about a month now and have just realised that I am suffering from a light sensation of itchiness everywhere .. I didn’t realise this was a side effect until reading your site .. It doesn’t happen all the time I could certainly use the good sideeffects so I will stick with it a little longer and hope that settles down I m assuming that if I was going to gave any of the other side effects that would of already happened as I had only heard of the positive effects in the first place I would just say it is your duty to discribe all side effects or send them to a site like this one so they can make an informed discussion

    • Gerard:

      Hello, I have taken Organo Gold products and have little or no side affects on me, but everyone system is different and ganoderma can effect each person in a different way. My wife gets a dry throat when she takes the product.

  • Tony Soza:

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to know the number of known cases by your company regarding the side effects of the product. For example; 3 cases of liver problem; 5 cases of ulcer/stomach problems, and so on and so on. My wife tried it and she has diabetes and the product (Coffee) helped her lower the need to take the majority of her medications. My good friend had issues with high blood pressure and after trying it he also lower the need of taking his meds. Now, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lukemia (CML-Medical terms) and I have decided to start trying it. My medication like most helps me to control my bad wht blood cells, but it kills my plailates! I guess it helps with one thing and it kills others, and I think this could be the same with this product, but if the benefit out weights the negative then it is worth the try. I would still like to know if you have some type of tally to know about known issues with side effects. Thanks. Tony

    • extracts21:

      Hi Tony. I’m sorry but I don’t have that kind of information available at the moment. I must point out that this is just an informational site about Ganoderma as I too came across the product and was impressed with it. We don’t actually sell the product, we are just trying to provide some unbiased information about it with the possible positives and negatives about the product. I plan to add more content to the site with more links to studies and research about the effects of Ganoderma so it will be of more help to people like yourself. Here was a quick study that focused on Ganoderma in relation to Lukemia. Best of luck to you.

      • yogesh dhawan:

        I am taking ganoderma from last two year. Side effect mentioned above in text only duirng the process of removal of toxic from body,which lasts for only few days. my diabites have been cured and i have stopped taking alopathic medicians.

        • extracts21:

          Hi Yogesh, thanks for leaving a comment. It is great that Ganoderma has helped you but I’m sure you are aware different things affect people differently so while it has been successful for you it many not be the same for everybody.

        • greg:

          What was your a1c when you started taking the product?

        • Sumit Sharma:

          Hi Yogesh sir my father suffering from heart and kidney problems these due to diabetes and hyperblood pressure please advice me should I go for this herb

          • extracts21:

            Hi, As we are not medical professionals we cannot give you any medical advice. You would be best to ask your doctor before giving it a try.Good luck with your father. Thanks

    • Kellie Harris:

      White Blood Cells (also called leukocytes)

      Whiteblood cells protectthe body from infection. Theyare much fewer in number than red blood cells, accounting for about1 percent of your blood.

      The mostcommon type ofwhite blood cell is the neutrophil, which is the “immediate response” cell and accounts for 55 to 70 percent ofthe total white blood cell count. Each neutrophil lives less than a day, so yourbone marrow must constantlymakenew neutrophilsto maintain protection againstinfection. Transfusion of neutrophils is generallynoteffective since theydo not remain in the body for very long.

      The other major type of white blood cell is a lymphocyte. There are two main populations ofthesecells. T lymphocyteshelp regulate the function of otherimmune cells and directly attack variousinfected cells and tumors. Blymphocytes make antibodies, which areproteins that specificallytarget bacteria, viruses, and other foreign materials.

      Platelets (also called thrombocytes)

      Unlike red and white blood cells, plateletsare notactually cells but rather small fragments of cells. Plateletshelp the blood clotting process (or coagulation) bygathering at thesite ofan injury, sticking to the lining ofthe injured blood vessel, and forming a platform on which blood coagulation can occur. This results in the formation ofa fibrin clot, which coversthe wound and prevents blood from leaking out. Fibrin also forms the initial scaffolding upon which new tissue forms, thus promoting healing.

      Ahigher than normal number of platelets can cause unnecessary clotting, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks; however, thanksto advances made in antiplatelettherapies, there are treatments available to help prevent these potentially fatal events. Conversely, lower than normal counts can lead to extensivebleeding.

  • oby:

    After I have done sugery and chemotherapy,Pls I want to ask if I can be pregnant and still make use of it save for d baby?

    • extracts21:

      Hi, I’m sorry but you would have to consult with your Doctor. We are not medical professionals and as such can not give out any medical advice. Thanks.

  • karen miskel:

    I was wondering if Ganoderma would cause my cholesteral to go up.

  • Frank:

    Hi, I have taken ganoderma extract and it makes me always feel tired. I have been tired for more than a week now. I hope my energy comes back soon. I stopped ganoderma when I started to feel this tiredness.

    • extracts21:

      That’s an unusual one. I haven’t heard of if making anyone tired, quite the opposite.Truth is every person is different so it may affect you differently than it does others.

    • Tara:

      It makes me very tired too. I took 1 or 2 x 500 mg per day for a few days and then took 6 a day. After a few days I was so tired I was falling asleep sitting up which is highly unheard of for me. I stopped for 5 days and then took just one a day for 4 days and yep, the tiredness returned although to a lesser degree than when taking 6 a day. I can find very little information on the internet about tiredness when taking ganoderma.

  • Lyn:

    That tiredness is part of the detoxifying process. It will pass after a while and you will feel energetic as the toxins are removed from your system.

    • Beatrice:

      I took the coffee everyday accept for Sundays because I keep it at my job, and I just ran out. hope the tiredness does stop because the first 2 days of the fatigue was very serious and today makes day 4, so it’s getting better.

  • Elizabetb:

    Ganoderma helps me a lot,I used to have severe allergies & migraine but with the help of Ganoderma,I dont suffer anymore…It’s amazing how it works!I’m a coffee drinker & I ginally found a company. Products like coffee,tea,hotchoco are all infused with 100%Organic Ganoderma..We have also capsules..For those looking for Ganoderma

  • I was just introduce to Organo Gold. Would like to use the products but am not sure how it would affect my kidneys since the function is decreased. Are there any studies on this.

  • Keisha Douglas:

    I am a oregano gold coffee client took it for 5 days and stop after 4 days I started bleeding; and the bleedind has not stop I am taking vitamin k to reverse it. Can you tell me what really taking place.

    • Keisha Douglas:

      I am also getting servere lower back pain. And have some usual breathing problem. I only try 4-5 sachets off the mocha and this is my out come. I wanted to try the product before joining but now I have to wonder. Please advise

    • extracts21:

      Sorry but we are not medical professionals and there for can not give you any health advice. You really need to see your doctor as they will know your health backround and any medication that you may be currently taking. However if you are having those side effects then I would stop taking it immediately. Some people react badly to different substances while others can take the same substance without any problem. It’s not worth risking your health so I would stop taking it and get some professional medical advice.

    • Silviu:

      was the product with sugar?

  • sumeda:

    How to work with cholesterol

  • Angela:

    Keisha, is it your nose that started bleeding, or, if you don’t mind sharing, where did your bleeding occur…?

  • Mike:

    I tried a coffee that says, GANDODERMA EXTRACT ORGANIC COFFEE, that is why I am doing some basic reading on the internet.
    I received it as a gift for Christmas, for dieting since I am a bit on the heavy side. I started using it around December 16, as substitute for my regular daily coffee, which i take after every meal. After about 7-10 days, I started having something like pimples on my face. Something you can prick, and would bleed. There are also some in my body. I didn’t immediately attribute it to the coffee nor the ganoderma content, and thought that it was something that probably went with my current sunburn.

    Again of course, I cannot say for sure that what occurred to me is caused by Ganoderma, I am not an expert. But i consciously reviewing my intakes and medication if any, it is the only thing new, and I do not regularly have this pimples, My skin has been healthy in my whole 41 years.

    I hope this helps.

  • Brenda:

    I am very curious as Angela, kiesha. Where did your bleeding occur? Are you saying it changed your cycle?

  • Arinola Alonge:

    Have been taking black coffee for five days now n I take it twice daily because I want to loose weight, can this help?though have been having back piano n pimple all over my chest.

  • Shawnee:

    I tried Organo Gold black coffee with Ganoderma Extract, hoping to improve my health. I tried a whole package first, then cut it down to half a package a day, only drinking one cup a day. After a week of use, I developed a facial rash that grew worse. The coffee was the only new product I had introduced into my system, so I realized it was the cause of my facial rash. I also developed a sinus infection. However, although one of the side effects can be bleeding, the nosebleeds I had been having stopped after I began drinking the Organo Gold coffee. Just another example of how everyone can react differently. It is by no means, a reason to not try the product, just a warning to be aware of the possible side effects.

  • Sunny Sharma:

    hi….my self sunny sharma age23 im suffering from skin allergy from last one year i tried all medicines but i cant get complete relief…. suddenly a red patches will arise on different parts of skin with ittching on it ,,,and around after an hour it vanish….plz suggest me

  • Judy:

    I started drinking the Organo Gold coffee and was really intrigued by it so I started to drink th rgreen tesa and did I get a wallop I got really dizzy and lightheaded after the first cup so I am afraid to conyinue to drink the tea what do you think?

  • samalia stewart:

    Hello, I think this blog was very informative, although some individuals suffer minor side effects the benefits are next to none!! check out my blog on THE BENEFITS OF GANODERMA and post your comments thanks

  • Joyce:

    Hi, my friend has about a month drinking the coffee mocha brand Organ Gold n it has help her loose weight. She gave me a box n told me to try it, but now I’m hesitate to try it. But I would like to loose weight. What do u recommend me to do?

  • Anne:

    I have been taking ganoderma coffee for close to six months. The doctor noticed my Gamma T we’re very high, three times the normal level. I informed him that l had been taking a herba ganoderma coffee and on checking we found that this was a side effect. On stopping to take the coffee the liver enzyme has gone down to almost the normal range. Listen to your body as you drink and injest herbs. Thanks.

  • paul:

    I have taking ganoderma for about a month now and have just realised that I am suffering from itchiness everywhere .. I didn’t realise this was a side effect until reading your site .. so i stop taking ganoderma.

  • Can ganoderma be taken by people with HIV AIDS? And is there any interactions with antiretrovirals?

  • leo:

    About two months ago I tried organo gold cafe mocha with ganoderma extract. I drank about 7 pouches in a week or so I woke up one morning feeling strange I noticed a weakness on the right side of my face I was eating my breakfast and also notice the taste was off. As the day progressed the weakness got worse. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with bells palsy. Almost two months later the right side of my face is still parylized. But here is the kicker. My friend was over about four days ago and gave him coffee the organo gold with ganoderma. He called me this morning to ask how I was doing my face and such. He then says I have bells palsy as well. The onley thing we did that was the same was drink the coffee. And a few days later bells palsy in two people. What is going on here?? If anybody has heard of this or something similar please post it up. It took about 6 days for bells palsy to hit me. It took about four days before it hit my friend???

    • extracts21:

      Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your condition. We have done a quick search on the internet to see if we could find any studies relating Ganoderma with Bells Palsy but couldn’t find anything however we decided to allow your post to see if any other readers have had similar instances. Thanks.

    • Susan:

      Bells Palsy is most likely caused by the herpes virus, coupled with an inflammation of the facial nerves.
      perhaps your friend got it from you, but not by drinking your coffee – unless your friend drank it from your cup.

  • Chinelo:

    Hi im so glad i read this site im well informed now.organogold coffee came to nigeria about 2mts ago,wanted to join as a distributor but i have a change of mind.the side effects are scary.i feel more reseach should be done on as to have a balancer drug to take alongside.the herb is so active doing good and bad at the same time just like some antibiotics.

  • Louis:

    Was given a packet of genocaffe as a sample, tried it one morning and checked my blood sugar,fell about 40 pts.

  • Nasir:

    my daughter 20yrs old, her transplanted kidney was removed and she back on dialysis, reishi mushroom, cordyceps and morinzhi was started, she went through seere stomach pain, gasteric pain a couple of times, dialysis patients occasionally go through this trouble but later on her liver lab test results were upset, today going through the above comments, i am thinking of stopping these herbal supplements ???? any comments you can email me please.

  • Nasir:

    Agree with Chinelo comments, after knowing so many benefits i once thought of joining as distributer but the experiences i just read are scary, cant take any risk anymore

  • Zainab:

    This site is very educative,I never knew the side effect is this much, I think one should listen to one’s body language carefully before the use of GANODERMA Extract to be on a saver side….self medication is also not adviced…try n consult ur physician for better advice.

  • Dr Phil:

    I am a GP with special interest in nutrition, herbs and health. I have read all of the above contributors to this site. My general advice is the following: One must not be a guinea pig for any herbal remedy that hasn’t been assessed for efficacy and safety. Judging from the above individual reports, there could be good and bad effects from the herb. Until it has been tried on at least a few hundred to a few thousand people, and the percentage of people who benefited and those who had side effects has been established, then one can decide in light of this whether to advocate it or not.

  • I have used organo gold coffee for three months. My blood pressure and sugar numbers have come down. I however have a terrible rash on my arms and legs. I must stop using the product. Glen Peltier.

  • Prince:

    Woooo this is awesome, educatve site,found out that ganoderma can help people with Sickle cell when mixed with Dioscovite one of the best if not the best drug for sickle cell, unbelievable.

  • aamir:

    will genoderma be useful for slip discs as well ?

  • Lal Fernando:

    Generally diabetes,blood thinning and cholestrol patients taking allopathy medicaments.My questionare is any reaction with Ganoderma extract when we use allopathy medicines.I knew one of our member using gano 3 in one coffee her uncontrol cholesterol condition with in 4 months disappeared.

  • Rod Bowker:

    My wife and I have both started taking Organo gold coffee with ganoderma.We have found no side effects at all.I think that most side effects are the result of Detoxifcation which we all should do to improve our health.From what I have read on this site and others the side effects diminish after a few days and then disappear.Do’nt overdose at the beginning.

  • maria zea:

    Hello I want to know if i can take ganoderma mocha or latte if im suffering from.acne….can this make my acne worst?

  • uttam:

    Hi I’m uttam I’m taking RG Gl and black Gano coffe since 1 week.I have choronic constipation but ganodorma making me more constipation why?

  • Ruby:

    I have problem with low vitamin D will ganoderma help with low vitamin D

  • Hi, am new in this product, l have one week since.l use organo poduhct with my family but no effects which lh see rather than Benefits am join this company.all the best-Regard emma -Tanzania

  • jumbo Douye:

    I have been taking ganoderma for months now and my chest pain, insomnia and palpitations are gone,but recently I started having pains on the right side of my neck and my tongue bleeding. Please I need to know if this is as a result of taking ganoderma.

  • I have been taking ganoderma extract from Orevida for 3 weeks now, and I am having rash or hive symptoms for almost a week. I suspect it is the side effect from the ganoderma but not 100% sure. I am also introducing astaxanthin as my supplement two days ago. Does anyone know if ganoderma interact with astaxanthin supplement?

  • Lorna Gilberts:

    i’ve been taking organo gold’s coffee mocha and latte but didnt understand why it gave me constipation but it dissapeared after a while y not always have a doctor to adress the comments of the consumers

  • yannick:

    Just like every product, we need to be aware of every little detail small side effect, I use it. Since now 4 month. With hight dosage powder 20:1 extract concentrate. And I had already stomach problem before using it, like digestion, so I toke popular hebs extract on pharmacie to get ride of that. And it’s done. I’m a really high cafe drinker and I have all side effect that cafe can give but I just can’t stop it, and with ganoderma, it go verywell together. But for sure all the firstt second and third month was more painfull. I think my body was trying to reject all the intern parasite that was incrusted there. But like I’m a really stoburn person, If emporor and king have taking it for all there life it’s because it’s good. Now after few month no big side effect but still some little. It give more good overall. And like everything it’s good to stop like 2 week after 3 month of consomation. We have to ear himself

  • Jen:

    I have been drinking OG coffee for 4 days now and it makes me soooooo sleepy. Should I drink it before bed?

  • Jean:

    I am 81 and have arthritis in my back and zaps my strength and am very tired…only doing the basics housework. Do you think this coffee might help?

  • PowleyM:

    Kindly advise if Ganoderma Extract could have any effect on persons with Epilepsy/ Seizures. Have been taking medications for many years and relatively controlled.

  • Franklin:

    Bought the organogold gourmet coffee latte pack from a friend. On d pack, under allergy info, it says “contains milk”, but on the ingredients list there is no mention of milk. That first put me off – I figured why should the Company lie! Of course I decided I wasnt going to distribute a product which was an embodiement of lies.

    Few days into taking it, I noticed each time I took it, I felt as if intestines where being punctured. In short, my health has never been the same. I would normally have bouts of headache around the period I took it.

    The last time I took it was yesterday night – I shared one with my wife. I woke up with pains on my shoulders and neck region. The headache has been severe – my whole day was messed up – I couldn’t do all the things I had mapped out to do. So I decided to do an internet search to find out if my conditions could be related to garnoderma lucidum ingestion. My fears have been confirmed: from intenstinal complications to facial rashes, headache and tiredness, I have been suffering from the side effects of consuming garnoderma!!

    I wonder how in a bid to ‘detoxify’ the body, a herb will cause such great harm to the same body. It doesnt sound sensible to me. See

    Anyway, I am done with anything herbal supplement!!

  • Hii
    actually i am neurotherapist
    And i am terating a patint of
    Initial stage parkionson
    And he just start u r mashroom Dxn tablet from last four day and he fill the some uncomfertabal in walkin in his right legs
    Please suggest me about the this
    May this is side effect or not
    Please reply me

  • Ron:

    Amazing content. Just what I ended up being looking around for!
    All best,
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  • Dkuch:

    I’ve been taking coffee contain genoderma recently cos the price is cheap. Suprisingly I lost 1kg in a week. Taking the coffee make me feel fresh n alert as it also contain eurycoma. I don’t feel hungry. On 2nd wk,I got gestric n headache. I start to eat alot cos my gestric. Great to find this site. But I will continue to consume cos I noticed that I manage to maintain my weight though i’ve over eat. My weight now is 73kg after my late heavy dinner with my best friend.

  • LucySky:


    I have been taking a reishi supplement for 1 month (900mg). I have experienced the vivid dreams which are fine. It can disturb my sleep slightly but on the whole this is not an issue. As someone who has ME & and react badly to a lot of herbs & supplements I was surprised that I have not experienced an intolerable reaction to reishi. It hasn’t yet made me feel full of energy but I have been surrounded by people with colds & I have so far survived. I have occasionally felt the odd detox symptoms like throbbing head and a few small pimples on my chin but so far completely manageable which as I said is very unusual as normally this would knock me out. My period has however been affected as bleeding occurred for 2 days then stopped for 2 days started again & then stopped for 5 & has not started again. I am assuming this is related to the affect on the liver but am going to finish the bottle & see what happens. I am working on the basis that this is a positive sign due to detoxification and will pass. I once had an early period after a month of daily liver flushes. If anyone has experienced me steal changes I would be interested to know if you continued with the reishi & what happened.

  • Shivam dwivedi:

    Sir;thanks you to all of you for comment
    I wanna to say that prevention is better, cheaper than cure
    We don’t cure we give prevention

  • agnes:

    I took cafe mocha and 3hrs later my whole body started itching and swelling. Four days now still itching and swelling. I stopped consuming for observation. When will this end? I still love the product.

  • agnes:

    I took cafe mocha and 3hrs later my whole body started itching and swelling. Four days now still itching and swelling. I stopped consuming for observation. When will this end? I still love the product.

  • Joseph gbenga:

    Well, a team of health workers came to my church yesterday to introduce this ganoderma lacidium to us and we were all interested in using it. But if a conditition persist even with the use of ganoderma, what is the way forward?

  • Shah:


    I have been taking organo hot chocolate for 2 months, I got rashes on my hands and legs. Until now I unable to cure it of course the doctor treatment is only cure temporary only but the rashes is not cure completely .. when I call the sales agent not even bother to advise me..I’m so angry and disappointed .

  • Monsoon Eddy:

    There are other active agents in Reishi than just the beta_glcans, some need alchol to extract, some water. It is also a natural steoid;therefore the source of Reishi is as influential as dosage and the state of health of the user and their other consumptions. I’ve taken 1 to 7 grams of Reishi a day for the past 8 years, and I’ve had severe neck rash all that time, but no other adverse effects. And I’ve taken it with other medical mushrooms. When I take 5 or more grams I get great mental clarity and dramatically improved physical endurance. Most likely due in part, because of the increased flow of blood,thus oxygen, without raising my diastolic pressure. I have take short breaks and the neck rash goes away. I’m not convinced the rash is the result of toxins being removed, but instead, hormone or glandular related, but can’t find any study that supports my rash observations. I take Reishi, because I have pulmonary fibrosis and need as much oxygen absorbed by my one remaining lung as I can get. I live with the rash and don’t care.

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